FACILITATION: Achieving Clarity while Thinking Through Complex Issues
Facilitation:  The act of assisting or making easier the progress or improvement of something. Helping a group or individual get clear about how to reach a goal or solve a problem."
Facilitation differs from training in that facilitation helps participants to discover the answers and best course of action for themselves. Training imparts knowledge, while facilitation helps people think through the issues, evaluate and choose the best course of action. Facilitation services help businesses, nonprofit organizations and individuals think openly and creatively about the complex issues facing their organizations.
We offer facilitation services for a a variety of situations including:
Strategic Thinking
Strategic Planning
Group Facilitation
New Product Development
Strategic Alliance Exploration
Problem Solving
Creative Thinking
Coalition Building
Conflict Resolution
Community Planning
Grant Proposals
And more
Our facilitators are experts in:
Group dynamics
Reading individual, interaction and the underlying dynamic of the group
Helping participants to discover for themselves
Evoking participation and creativity
Adapting to changing situations
Maintaining objectivity
Asking questions
Noticing what is NOT said as well as what is said
Bringing humor and sensitivity to tense situation
We provide online and telephone facilitation as well as face-to-face facilitation. We can work with your organization on an ongoing basis or contracted for a single activity. We are happy to answer your questions and explore if we are a good fit for your project. 
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We can work with you and your team onsite or remotely using technology to connect us. There are a variety of ways to format the strategic planning process. We will design it to your unique needs and constraints. Contact us for more information.
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