MARKET RESEARCH: Understand Your Marketplace
Market research is a critical part of strategic thinking and strategic planning. It helps you understand the internal and external environments in which your business or nonprofit organization operates. To make informed decisions during strategic thinking activities, it is imperative that you have current and accurate information about the factors and trends that are impacting your organization. The decisions you make are only as good as the information upon which they are based. 
Our Market Research Offerings
The Center for Strategic Change provides a variety of market research activities to help our clients assess their marketplace or individual life. Some of the types of research activities offered include:
Market research
Market Repositioning
Focus Group Facilitation
Online Surveys
Industry Studies
Best Practices Research
Onsite Interviews
Image and Branding Awareness Studies
Gap Analysis
Competitive Intelligence
Rapid Response
Customer Satisfaction Studies
Employee Engagement Studies
You can select a single type of research or combine several to enhance your overall understanding of your marketplace. We involve you in the design of the activity. If you have the capacity, we will incorporate your administrative support to reduce your costs. If your staff is already booked to the maximum, we can handle the activity from start to finish. 
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We will custom design your market research based upon what you want to know, what you already know and your resources.  Please contact us to explore your market research needs. 
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