Strategic Thinking is a catalyst for innovative thinking, problem solving and leads to better decisions.

Having trouble figuring out the next steps? Not sure which way to go or what decision to make? Strategic thinking gives you clarity, direction and confidence to pursue the direction of your choice.
Examples of projects in which the Center for Strategic Change facilitated strategic thinking include:
New product development
Dealing with the competition
Launching a new business
Strategy for developing a collaborative alliance/partnership
Next steps in a business’ growth
Handling the economic impact on the business 
Developing alternatives for decreased contributions due to the lagging economy
People who contract for services include:
Leaders of nonprofit organizations
Entrepreneurs – people owning a business or people wanting to start a business
New product developers
COOs – people in charge of operations
Boards of Directors
Government leaders
Economic development leaders
Services can be contracted on an hourly basis or project basis. 
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We can work with you and your team onsite or remotely using technology to connect us. There are a variety of ways to format the strategic planning process. We will design it to your unique needs and constraints. Contact us for more information.
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